Accustrip "Soda" Systems

The Accustrip System® is designed for use with sodium bicarbonate blast media. This environmentally friendly system is ideal for industrial cleaning, architectural cleaning, graffiti removal, one-step cleaning and deodorizing after fire and smoke damage, and paint removal.


Bulk Storage Hoppers

A Schmidt hopper or vacuum loading system allows you to purchase media in bulk quantities, providing for substantial savings on abrasive media costs. 

725 cu. ft.


Portable Abrasive Blasting Systems

Schmidt portable abrasive blasters are safe, high productive systems designed for use with a wide range of abrasive media. Standard packages are available in 1bag/1.5, 3 bag/3.5, 6 bag/6.5, 10 bag/10.5 and 20 bag/20.5 cu. ft. sizes to match your application. Custom systems can be designed to meet specific needs.

Bulk Blasting Equipment

Schmidt bulk blasters are designed to maximize the cost savings of high volume production. These high productive blasting systems feature multi-outlet Thompson Valve® II controls that allow each operator independent control of their abrasive media flow. Standard bulk systems include 20, 120, 160, 500, 650 and 800 cu. ft. sizes. Custom Systems can be designed to meet specific needs.


Air Dryers & Aftercoolers

Behind pressure drop, the second largest enemy to blasting productivity is moisture (water).  Wet air causes flash rusting, clogs blast pots with damp abrasives, damages control valve systems and reduces productivity.  Wet air is less efficient than dry air.  Blasting operations that have done nothing but add a high volume aftercooler moisture separator to their operation have documented increased production of 12 to 15%.

Blast & Recovery Systems (BRS)

The Schmidt BRS can blast and vacuum simultaneously, effectively eliminating offensive dust clouds, poor visibility and costly cleanup. It can also perform either feature independently. The portable system is ideally suited for jobs where traditional open-air blasting is prohibited, or is not possible or practical.




Portable Wheel Blast Equipment

Blastrac specializes in steel surface preparation with our full range of Steel Blasters. All of the steel blasters are designed for high quality and efficient performance with engineered durability.
In addition, Blastrac Steel Blasters are designed to comply with stringent industry standards for environmental friendliness and safety. Each unit has an integrated dust collection system for work place safety and cleanliness.


Portable Diesel & Electric Vacuum Systems

Tell us your most difficult conveying or recovery problems. Engineered to meet your needs - we will help you select the vacuum system that best suits your applications.  Ask an APE expert to help you find the best vacuum system providing you the power you need to complete the most difficult cleanup or recovery operations, whether the job involves the removal of flowable bulk product or the recovery of environmentally sensitive materials, sludge's, slurries or liquids.


Portable Diesel & Electric Dust Collectors

Trailer and Skid-Mounted, Electric and Diesel from the highest quality manufacturers.  APE offers dust collection systems from 1,200 to 80,000 CFM, available with special filter choices to meet your specific requirement.


Graco Airless Sprayers

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs with Graco’s quality plural-component Replica Celine Trapeze Bag Replica Louise Vuitton Diaper Bag Gucci Replica Duffle Bag Replica Fendi Shopping Bag Balenciaga Replica Shoulder Bags proportioners and airless sprayers. Designed for the high performance you need to spray foam, polyurea, epoxies and other plural-component materials.


Plural Component Spray Systems

Graco’s Xtreme Mix plural-component sprayers feature advanced metering technology to accurately spray the toughest plural-component materials. Simple user controls and turn-of-a-key ratio changes help take the guessing out of plural-component mixing. With less hand-mixing, you’ll increase productivity and save money on materials and labor.


Pressure Washers

A spin-off of Mi-T-M's traditional mild belt-drive series, this aluminum model is an excellent choice for customers looking for a lightweight, yet industrial-quality pressure washer.